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More affordable, and based on the fully combat proven and legendary Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System, or JHMCS for short, JHMCS II is a new and improved helmet mounted display system based on today’s enhanced technology. JHMCS II is the worlds’ first high definition, color, smart-visor system that operates in both day and night environments.

The new system is equipped with the most innovative head-tracking technology available - allowing a pilot to aim sensors and weapons and receive increased situational awareness in whatever direction they are looking. Proven symbology, now combined with color, creates a superior system that provides intelligent vision in the cockpit. It provides immediate and accurate recognition of friendly, threat and unknown targets and areas to create a complete view of the air, ground and sea picture.  This is accomplished with sophisticated software that integrates accurate intelligence with images, video and sound. Pilots flying with JHMCS II, will have a decided advantage when they Observe, Orient, Decide and Act.

There are two versions of the JHMCS II product line, Digital JHMCS and JHMCS II.  

For existing aircraft equipped with JHMCS classic, Digital JHMCS is an economical but significant upgrade. Using many of the existing components, and requiring no software changes, Digital JHMCS II has the "all new" aspects of JHMCS II, and the benefits it brings, with the added benefit of a very easy retrofit. Digital JHMCS is a simple ‘plug and play’ operation.

For new applications without JHMCS classic, there is the JHMCS II version. JHMCS II provides a new optical-inertial tracker and replaces the JHMCS subsystems with a lightweight Aircraft Interface Unit (ACIU) which does not require cooling, a mounting tray or cockpit mapping. JHMCS II works with any aircraft and any aircraft architecture.

Both Digital JHMCS and JHMCS II share common design attributes that are new and improved over classic JHMCS. Both include new features and benefits that reinforce our market leadership standing.

We have leveraged our previous success with helmet mounted displays and worked extensively with warfighters to develop and produce the JHMCS II family of Helmet Mounted Displays. Our proven processes, including design, manufacturing and customer service, reduce program risk. We’ve delivered more than 6000 of our legendary systems to customers in the US Navy and US Air Force, and 26 different customers.  Pilots across the globe have depended on our technology for combat results.