Technical Details

Digital JHMCS and JHMCS II are highly accurate pilot information systems that provides pilots with "first look, first shot" high off-boresight weapons engagement capability and situational awareness. Both systems enable the pilot to accurately direct (cue) onboard weapons and sensors against enemy targets while performing high-G aircraft maneuvers. The pilot simply points his/her head at the target and weapons will be directed to where the pilot is looking for both airborne and ground targets. As a cueing system, JHMCS II is a two way interface where sensors aboard the aircraft can cue the pilot to potential targets, or the pilot can cue the weapons and sensor systems to areas of interest. Critical information and symbology including targeting cues and aircraft performance parameters are graphically displayed directly on the pilot's visor.

 Virtual HUD
Data Link
Blue Forces Tracker
Defensive Systems
Designating and Targeting

 Detailed Features and Technical Description

  • Night module with color symbology is provided by a simple NVG eyepiece replacement kit for fielded NVG F4949/ANVIS-9 NVGs
  • JHMCS II displays video, FLIR and data link information in either full view or picture-in-picture view
  • Uplook reticles (puppers) for very-high off boresight sensor slewing
  • Small diameter, low voltage helmet vehicle interface (HVI) cable
  • Cockpit Unit (CU) which provides high voltage is no longer required
  • Helmet mounted avionics significantly improve center of gravity and pilot comfort
  • Dual visor configuration available
  • Visor projected High Definition color video and symbology (800x600 image resolution)
  • Standard HGU-55/P Helmet
  • Total head borne weight is 4.3 lbs. including oxygen mask
  • 28 VDC
  • Interface supports MIL-STD-1553, Ethernet, USB, and Wireless
  • Fully customizable ICD, display and logic
  • Recordable
  • Day module is monocular with a 20 degree field-of-view (FOV) off-the-visor projection to the right eye
  • The night module combines standard night vision goggles (NVGs) with a unique display that provides symbology and video overlaid on the night imagery
  • Capable of displaying both symbology and video
  • Symbology and logic can be modified by the customer utilizing an optional software tool without the need for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) support   



DIGITAL JHMCS or JHMCS II integrate into any aircraft, any aircraft architecture

Day scene with color symbology

More intelligent, more capable, more affordable

Streamlined, lightweight design for pilot comfort